We arrived in Bombay in late January, 1998. After a short stay, we traveled to Hyderabad, in central India, where we were the guests of Pastor Anil and his wife, Annie. They provided us with a tasty introduction to Indian food and brought us to several churches and Christian gatherings in the Hyderabad area.

From Hyderabad, Matt and Mike traveled to Chirala where they met up with Brother Samuel and then spoke at several gatherings in the area. They also traveled from house to house to encourage local Christians.

Trey and Jedd traveled from Hyderabad to eastern Nepal. They traveled high in the Himalayas and were able to catch a glimpse of Mount Everest.

The rendezvous point was Calcutta, where we spent time with Mother Teresa's group, the Sisters of Charity, before flying on the Dhaka, Bangladesh.