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"The more often he feels without acting, the less he will be able ever to act, and, in the long run, the less he will be able to feel." - C.S. Lewis

last updated: March 25, 2007

be informed :


International Christian Concern - Information on persecution in Bangladesh, South Asia


BURUNDI & Central Africa:

African Liaison - Working towards renewal in Burundi (based in Phoenix, Arizona)



International Christian Concern - Updates on persecution in mainland China

suggested reading: The Heavenly Man by Brother Yun & Paul Hattaway


DARFUR (Sudan):

Condolezza Rice visits Darfur

Save Darfur - Information and opportunities for action

Darfur Genocide - Information and opportunities for action



French Government moves to ban Islamic headscarves, crucifixes, and Jewish scullcaps in schools. The beginning of a slippery slope.
"Secularism is one of the great successes of the republic. It is a crucial element of social peace and national cohesion. We cannot let it weaken." - French President Jacques Chirac, (Read More)



North Korea's Gas Chambers (Observer International - UK) A series of personal testimonies is now shedding light on Camp 22 - one of the country's most horrific secrets.

"South Korea's Spoilers" - An article by Dr. Vollertsen published in the Wall Street Journal
click here for additional infomation on how to help

Balloon Project Foiled by South Korean authorities. Dr. Vollertsen arrested.

Invading North Korea - A balloon invasion brings freedom of information to North Koreans. From the Wall Street Journal. More gutsy moves by Norbert Vollertsen.

this guy has guts

"Prisoner Nation" - A German doctor speaks of his 18 months in North Korea. From the Wall Street Journal.



US Judges Back Assisted Suicide - US Supreme Court votes 6-3 in favor of allowing Oregon residents to ask their doctors to kill

Killing to Avoid Costco - Reed Jolley on the abortion epidemic in America

Under the Overpass - Mike Yankowski on the homeless in the streets of America


Zimbabwe's torture training camps (BBC) President Robert Mugabe's government has set up secret camps across the country in which thousands of youths are taught how to torture and kill.

Movement for Democratic Change (MDC Zimbabwe)


IJM (International Justice Mission) featured on Dateline NBC.
Click here to read about and watch footage of a child prostitution intervention in Cambodia.


Next-Wave has published the first of a two-part series on Human Rights and the Church's responsibility by Trey Sklar. Check it out here.



International Justice Mission (IJM) - Working to free victims of injustice worldwide through legal channels via the courts in each country. Known for breakthrough work in freeing victims of child prostitution.

Chosun Journal - Information on North Korea's human rights abuses.

The Laogai Research Foundation - Information on China's forced labor camps ("Laogai"), enforcement of the "one-child policy," and similar programs in North Korea.

Labor Camp Directory - This site lists known forced labor camps in China and provides details on each.

North Korean Forced Labor Camps - Information on North Korea's shadowy network of forced labor camps

Open Doors USA - Information on persecution of Christians worldwide.

Free North Korea - Information on North Korea's system of subjugation.

Voice of the Martyrs - - Information about the persecuted Church worldwide and what we can do about it.

Four Souls: Vietnam - Read about our journey through Vietnam and encounters with the underground church.


help our friends from the world journey

A leader of the Vietnamese underground church is currently "stuck" in America on a refugee visa. He will be arrested if he returns to Vietnam. Right now he is looking to reach out to the Buddhist Vietnamese community here in America. If you are interested in helping (either with his ministry or with his living expenses, etc.), click here to e-mail Trey Sklar. If you would be interested in bringing him to your town to hear about what is going on in Vietnam, please contact Trey Sklar.

Our friends in Communist and Muslim countries need your help. During the course of our world journey, we encountered many who are persecuted for their faith in Jesus. Contact Trey if you are interested in helping them... and money isn't the only thing they need so don't let that get in the way of acting.

write to government officials

Contact the Chinese Ambassador to the United States, Ambassador Yang Jiechi, and let him know that you are:
1. Concerned about China's lack of mercy for North Korean refugees seeking escape to South Korea
2. Concerned by the continued existance of the Laogai (forced labor camps)
3. Concerned about continuing reports of religious persecution.
4. Resent the Chinese government's recent use of international & U.S. based internet companies for tracking down dissidents (i.e. Yahoo)

Click here to e-mail Ambassador Yang Jiechi, or call him at (202) 328-2500.

Contact the North Korean government and let them know that you are:
1. Concerned by the government's lack of mercy for their own starving people
2. Concerned by the existance of forced labor camps in the eastern portions of North Korea
3. Concerned about continuing reports of religious persecution

You can contact the North Korean (officially the Democratic People's Republic of Korea or DPRK) at their United Nations office. Call them at (212) 972-3105 or send them a fax at (212) 972-3154. Please remind them that they won't have the respect of the world community until they win it honestly -- by treating their citizens [and others] respectfully and humanely.

Call South Korean Ambassador to the United States, Ambassador Han, at (202) 939-5600 and let him know that you are upset and embarrassed that one of our allies would mistreat Dr. Vollertsen in this way. Make sure you mention Dr. Norbert Vollertsen by name.

Contact the Zimbabwe government and let them know that you are:
1. Disappointed in President Robert Mugabe's slide towards complete dictatorship, and his willingness to destroy his own country in a bid for total control.
2. Angered by the government's brutal oppression of opposition politicians as well as any others who speak against the government.
3. Dismayed at the how the Zimbabwe government's quest for power is destroying the fabric of their own country -- and harming many Zimbabwe citizens not only through violence -- but also through starvation.

Click here to e-mail His Excellency Ambassador Dr. Simbi V. Mubako or call him at (202) 332-7100.

Click here to visit the U.S. Senate website. Please tell your Senator that you hope he or she will persuade China, North Korea, and Vietnam (and other countries) to have a greater respect for human life. Click here for the U.S. House of Representatives website. Click here for the White House website.
Urge the United States government to give a safe haven to any North Koreans who manage to escape.

support groups that work with the underground church and persecuted peoples

Click here to lend a hand with World Vision... an organization we have come to highly respect.

Click here to help the International Justice Mission - bold champion of the enslaved and oppressed.


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