Endorsements for Revolutionary Communicator:

The Gospels make it clear that huge crowds listened to Jesus with rapt attention. Jesus was a communicator without equal. Medefind and Lokkesmoe insightfully explain the principles at the heart of Jesus' skill in a practical way. At the same time they remind the reader of his redemptive spirituality that goes far beyond mere technique."
--Charles Colson, author and speaker, founder of Prison Fellowship

“I’ve consulted at The White House, in boardrooms, at business schools and CEO boot camps, from Capitol Hill to Silicon Valley. The Revolutionary Communicator will take you to a higher level—both as a speaker and as a human. It unearths lost treasures to great communication.”
— Tim Koegel, presentation and media training coach, author of The Exceptional Presenter

"As a quarterback, Congressman, and now businessman, I've seen again and again that communicating well is critical to success. THE REVOLUTIONARY COMMUNICATOR takes a refreshing look at the greatest teacher and communicator ever, and offers principles that can make a tremendous difference in business, leadership, and personal relations. Simple, powerful insights are here for all to understand."
-- The Honorable J.C. Watts, former Member of Congress and professional football player

"This book captures in words what is so missing in our media-driven world. Through principles accessible to anyone, our communication can build the depth and closeness we desire but rarely find. Whether in quiet moments with my daughter or addressing a political convention, these truths create meaningful connection and lasting influence."
--Assemblywoman Sharon Runner, California's 36th District

"The Revolutionary Communicator debunks the image-is-everything ethic that dominates much of professional communication today. In that sense, it is truly revolutionary. Yet the book also offers hype-wearied executives and marketing gurus a chance both to enrich their lives and increase their effectiveness. In that sense, it is irresistible."
--Jim Birschbach, President of Media Recruiter

Medefind and Lokkesmoe offer a unique and compelling perspective on communication, taking us beyond the superficial mantras of tacticians and strategists to explore the deeper meaning of human interaction. Through the clever juxtaposition of examples from the life of Christ, our own everyday experiences, historical events and the familiar worlds of fiction, these authors identify the roots of real communication: truth and charity. This work, both literary and meditative, will appeal to readers of all backgrounds and interests. The insights these authors share with us will enrich our understanding as well as our prayer.
--Dr. Patricia Phalen, Director of Graduate Studies
School of Media and Public Affairs, The George Washington University

"Medefind and Lokkesmoe offer practical observations and suggestions that could benefit marriages, movies, meetings, and mega-churches. They have filled their book with anecdotes and examples -- any number of which would make some pretty good movies or TV shows -- and explain how to incorporate Jesus' style of communication into everyday life. In this age of media saturation, it is fascinating to be reminded that, thousands of years ago, one man in Jerusalem modeled the best way to hear and be heard. And he did it without a mic or a modem."
—Dean Batali, Co-Executive Producer, That 70s Show

"A must read for anyone who prides themselves as a communicator: pastor, parent, teacher, boss, employee, politician, journalist. Medefind and Lokkesmoe dive into the life of Jesus, revealing a rarely examined dimension to his unequaled impact upon human lives and history. In the process, they've created an ear-opening work that is riddled with revealing moments of discovery."
--Lori Arnold, Managing Editor
The Christian Examiner Newspapers

A fascinating look at a fresh way in which we can 'be like Jesus,' THE REVOLUTIONARY COMMUNICATOR challenges us to become listeners, questioners and storytellers, the better to make true, deep connections with the people in our world. A simple, yet radical book."
—Janet Batchler, Screenwriter of Batman Forever

"This book is important. The Revolutionary Communicator unpacks central characteristics of the way Christ made his message real in the lives of those who heard it. It can help people from all walks of life become better communicators, and gain a glimpse into the mechanics of living out God's reign in the midst of daily life."
--Jason A. Evans, Senior Editor, Next-Wave

"Calling us to be apprentices of the Master Communicator, Medefind and Lokkesmoe have written an outstanding book teaching not only how to communicate, but also how to live."
— Dr. Frank Wright, President, National Religious Broadcasters

“Through an attentive and conscientious examination of how Jesus communicated the most profound message in human history - Lokkesmoe and Medefind have shed new light on the methods, manner and techniques of the Revolutionary Communicator. I am very excited about what this book could do for all who read it and apply its wisdom!”
--Dennis Baker, President
DM Baker Media Relations
Santa Barbara, London

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